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Samsung’s going to start producing DDR5 next year using EUV

Here’s good news for PC gamers. Just days after the two console manufacturers announced ninth-gen consoles with unprecedently fast shared memory pools, Samsung’s announced that’s it on track to deliver DDR5 memory, as early as next year. The Korean giant will leverage EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography) techniques to fabricate the DRAM.

Samsung already has extensive experience with EUV. The company has, so far, shipped over 1 million DDR4 RAM modules that use EUV, using the company’s experimental D1x process. DDR5 will, instead, be manufactured using the D1a process. Samsung’s D1a is an advanced 14nm process that features EUV layers. D1a is expected to bring wafer costs down by doubling per-wafer productivity relative to the experimental D1x.

The use of EUV also has performance implications. It will allow Samsung to produce DDR5 chips rated up to 6400 MHz and with capacities up to 32 GB. This will mean that system memory on PC will get a much-needed bump in capabilities before the next generational consoles arrive. (


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