Samsung to Announce Exynos SoCs w/ Radeon RDNA GPU this Year

Details shared by reputed tipster @Universelce indicate that Samsung will be launching three new Exynos SoCs this year, with two of them featuring an AMD Radeon GPU based on the RDNA architecture. The new flagship Exynos 2200 series along with the mid-range Exynos 1200 series are expected to leverage RDNA graphics. The lower-end Exynos 800 SoCs will continue to utilize the ARM Mali graphics.

It’s being predicted that either the next Galaxy Note or the Fold will use the 2200 SoC with Radeon graphics. Furthermore, rumors indicate that Samsung is also working on a Windows 10 notebook with an Exynos SoC paired with the same RDNA based Radeon GPU. This, however, won’t be the first ARM-based Windows laptop. Qualcomm has already launched the Snapdragon 8cx (Gen1 and Gen2) for Microsoft’s Surface notebook and it offers acceptable performance along with always-on battery life.



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