Samsung teases NEON AI for CES 2020

The AI revolution is apparently upon us. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, Samsung didn’t get the message at all when they introduced Bixby, one of the least useful AI assistants in a market jam-packed with useless Siri knockoffs.

The Galaxy maker seems to have taken the apathy towards Bixby to heart. Their latest AI project, dubbed NEON, is being built in collaboration with Star Labs. It’s being teased for a CES 2020 unveiling.

At the moment, we have no idea exactly what NEON is. Is it a successor to Bixby? Is it an AI platform to enhance functionality like photography? Or is it something else entirely? NEON’s website offers precious little information about what it is. All we have to work with at the moment is a countdown to CES and an intriguing image that’s been doing the rounds on social media: it reads “Have you ever met an artificial?”

Star Labs’ Head of Strategy tweeted that he’s been ” working late nights and weekends and totally feeling that start-up life again.” A word of caution: over-excited C-level tweeters almost always under-deliver. Still, considering that this is a 2020 AI project we’re looking at, Neon might just be something worthwhile. What will it be used for? How will it work? And will it offer a meaningfully better experience than existing assistants? We’ll have to wait and find out.


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