Samsung Reiterates that 5nm EUV Mass Production Already Underway; 4nm on Track

Samsung has shot down media reports claiming that its 5nm process yields are poorer than expected and has asserted that both the 5nm node production as well as the upcoming 4nm node are on schedule. As per a press release on the company’s foundry website, the 5nm EUV mass production started in the second quarter of 2020, and plans to ramp up the volume production are on track for the second half of 2020 along with an expanded clientele.

Furthermore, the 1st Gen 4nm process is on track for mass production in 2021. Furthermore, Samsung has announced that it’s accelerating the development of the 2nd Gen 4nm process node to support a diverse set of applications and in turn, a wider client base.

Lastly, the improvements in PPA (power, performance and area) of the 2nd Generation 4nm process are expected to surpass that of TSMC’s 5nm EUV process, granting Samsung a leadership in the foundry business.

These claims are all well and good, but whether Samsung actually is able to deliver remains to be seen. The foundry has repeatedly had problems with the latest process nodes. It happened with the 7nm process which pushed all major clients towards TSMC and it might happen again with the 5nm and 4nm EUV nodes.


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