Samsung Exynos 1000 to be the First SoC w/ AMD Radeon RDNA Graphics [Rumor]

A while back a benchmark of a Samsung Exynos SoC surfaced that was reportedly using an AMD RDNA GPU. While we can’t confirm whether the report was legit, the results certainly were impressive. Most outlets claimed that the SoC in question was the Exynos 990, but according to a post from ITHOME, the Exynos 1000 will be the first chip to leverage RDNA graphics.

The Samsung Exynos 1000 will reportedly be fabbed on the foundry’s 5nm EUV node and will power the smartphone succeeding the Galaxy S20. Here’s a table comparing the Exynos 1000 RDNA GPU to the Qualcomm Adreno 650:

RDNA-ExynosAdreno 650
Manhattan 3.1181.8 fps123 fps
Aztec Normal138.25 fps53.5 fps
Aztec High58 fps20 fps

Quite impressive, wouldn’t you say? However, performance isn’t the only concern. With mobile chips, the power efficiency is equally important if not more. That’s one of the primary reasons why Intel failed in the smartphone space. AMD is yet to try its luck in the mobile space, but with Samsung’s experience in tow, it might just work.



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