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Sabrent Launches Rocket 4 Plus SSD w/ Speeds Up to 7 GB/s Sequential R/W

Just days after Samsung’s 980 PRO SSD was announced, Sabrent has launched another PCIe 4 based drive in the Rocket 4 lineup. The Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus boasts the same 7 GB/s sequential peak as the Samsung 980 PRO, but unlike the latter, both the read and write speeds achieve the same level.

While the 980 PRO tops out at 5000 MB/s for the sequential write metric, the Sabrent 4 Plus can achieve 6850 MB/s for write and a full 7000 MB/s for reads. Both drives are based on TLC NAND technology and the primary difference comes down to the controllers. While the Samsung 980 PRO will use the Elpsis controller, Sabrent will stick to the Phison-E18 controller.

The Rocket 4 Plus also comes with a massive aluminum heatsink featuring three copper pipes which honestly seems overkill. Regardless, considering that it’s (one of ) the only drive on the market to push 7 GB/s sequential R/W, it’s not all that surprising. While Samsung’s offering is limited to 1TB, it’s likely we’ll see Sabrent offer 2TB, and perhaps 4TB variants as well.


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