Russian Enthusiast Upgrades the RTX 3070 to 16GB of GDDR6 Memory

A Russian modder going by the alias VIK-on gained popularity on YouTuber a while back for upgrading the memory of an RTX 2070 to 16GB, up from just 8GB. Although the card booted and did a successful run of 3DMark TimeSpy, the results were lower than the vanilla card. The modder has now gone a step ahead and applied the same upgrade to the GeForce RTX 3070, doubling its VRAM from 8GB to 16GB GDDR6.

VIK-on achieved this by replacing the eight 1GB GDDR6 modules with denser 2GB chips and updating the resistor configuration so that the updated memory was detected by the firmware. Although at first the modified GPU was unstable and performed much worse than a vanilla RTX 3070, the modder was able to find a fix.

The card was stabilized by locking the GPU core frequency using EVGA Precision X1. This not only stabilized the graphics card but also improved the performance across various synthetic benchmarks including 3DMark Time Spy and Unigine Superposition. The modified GPU scored 13,783 points in the former and 4,914 points in the latter. You can watch the entire video down below:


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