Resident Evil: Village Gets AMD FSR w/ Updated DRM to Improve Performance

Capcom has informed Steam gamers in an update that Resident Evil Village will be getting two notable additions with the next patch. Firstly, the game will support AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) upscaling technology, allowing players with lower and midrange systems to take advantage of ray-tracing without that much of a loss in performance, although the resulting quality may vary.

In addition to this, the Denovo anti-piracy protection (DRM) has been optimized to allow smoother gameplay, especially in CPU-intensive scenes. Earlier, many gamers had noticed that the cracked version of the game ran smoother than the Steam version due to the excessively large overhead introduced by the DRM checks.

We haven’t been able to test this ourselves (I’m traveling), but you can test it out, and see if the patch actually makes a difference, and how well FSR has been implemented in the game.


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