Reasons to Caption Your Videos

When you want to attract and engage viewers, video is the fastest way to do it. You can increase engagement by providing your videos with captions. It will be beneficial to utilize video if you’re a marketer because it is now the most effective form of content for reaching the right target audience.

Reasons why you need to add captions to videos

When you add captions to videos, you can reach more people. Conversely, more people, including those with specific disabilities, can access them. Without captions, you miss out on having more audience viewing your creation. Moreover, it is no longer challenging to add captions because professional video captioning service providers can create accurate captions efficiently at affordable rates. Aside from reaching a wider audience, here are more benefits.

With or without sound, you make it easy to engage with your content

While viewing video with sound is entertaining, there are instances where they do not want sound from their device to inconvenience other people, such as when they are in a crowded place or riding public transport. With captions, streams and videos are easier to watch, whatever they are doing, and wherever they are.  

Muting the audio is also better. People can enjoy the video content without wearing earphones. They can engage with the content by reading the captions and still become aware of their surroundings. In a study, 69 percent of consumers view videos without sound when they are in public places, and 80 percent of the consumers are likely to watch a captioned video in its entirety.

Captions boost audience comprehension and attention

Most people watch videos with captions longer. This is because the captions retain the audience’s attention. If you are using videos for marketing, the longer viewing time can help get your message across. Several studies also prove that captioned videos increase video content comprehension because it is easier for students and viewers to understand the content. Captions allow them to learn about the subject much better and faster. 

You broaden your audience base with captions. For example, readers can improve their reading skills by viewing the written word. Likewise, people learning English improve their comprehension because they can read along while listening to the audio.

More people can access your content

With captions, you allow more people to access your content, particularly audiences who are deaf or hard of hearing. Reading the words while listening to how the words are pronounced can speed up the progress of people learning English as a second language. You can help them better by providing accurate and detailed captions.  

Maximize your SEO with transcripts

If a professional captioning service created the captions, you would get a transcript. While search engines cannot index videos, they can index text. Therefore, including the transcript to your content helps search engines index your video, maximize your SEO campaign, and lead more traffic to your site. You can also use the transcript as additional marketing material. 

For these reasons, you will understand the importance of captions in boosting your content. As a result, you reach a bigger audience, realize better engagement, and allow more people to access your content.

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