PS5 Stock to be Released by 21st in the UK: 3 Million Units to be Shipped Globally Every Month

According to PS5 stock trackers on Twitter, the next wave of shipments has either reached most outlets in West Europe or will reach by the 20th of Jan. As far as the sale of these new units is concerned, it should take a couple of days but you can expect it to go live between 21st and 25th.

Retailers like EE and BT are looking to start the next wave of PS5 sales on the 17th while Argos will likely follow a day or two later. Tesco is also reportedly planning to release the next batch of units on either the 16th or 17th. Please keep in mind that these are approximations and the actual date may vary by a day or two. As such, if you decide to head out to a store, make sure to double-check whether the sales have actually started.

Supply should be back to normal by April, as Sony is officially planning to ship as many as 3 million units worldwide on a monthly basis up until April after which the supply chain is expected to return to normal. This falls in line with Sony’s sales forecast of 14 million in 2021.

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