PS5 Expected to Sell 1.1 Million Units More than the Xbox Series X/S in 2020

Despite the announcement of the much cheaper Xbox Series S, the PlayStation 5 is expected to sell at least 1 million more units than both the Series S and X combined. This report comes from Ampere Analysis, a firm that revised its sales forecast for the next-gen consoles, bumping up the figures for the Xbox.

Despite the increase in the potential number of sales for the next-gen Xbox consoles, the PS5 is still expected to lead by at least 1 million units.


And these are just the sales figures for 2020. By 2024, the firm expects the PS5 to sell as many as 67.3 million units, more than twice as much as the Xbox Series X/S for which the figure is pegged at 44.3 million.


Overall, the announcement of the cheaper Series S console improved the forecast for MS by around 20% which is honestly a decent figure. Now, it’ll mainly be up to the quality of first-party titles and the sheer number of features that each console comes with that will determine the final figures.

Source: Tweaktown


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