PornHub is Using Machine Learning to Scale 125 Year Old “Movies” to 4K

PornHub has announced a new “Remastered” project wherein it’ll be scaling up ancient “movies” from its archives up to 4K. We’re talking about erotic media filmed as early as 1896, back when most media was silent. Released back in 1896, the 18-second long movie, titled “The Kiss” is one of the films being upscaled. Back when it was released, it was denounced as being scandalous and obscene.

Similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS algorithm, the platform will be taking advantage of convolution networks to scale up the old movies. Up to 100,000 adult images and movies will be used in the project to train the neural network into recognizing the various “assets” displayed within them, as well as to add color to the black-and-white media.



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