Poker 8 Software – A Review

In recent years, the growth of technology has caused a surge in the number of online casino vendors. As the internet has become more and more accessible across the globe, nearly everyone can access online gaming. This means competition for customers has become rife. Online gaming vendors must now work harder than ever to create customer loyalty and constantly search for new ways to keep players hooked.

One of the ways online gaming providers can offer a great experience is through the gaming software itself. As the foundations of any great online casino platform, the software used can make or break a site’s success. One of the leading casino providers, 888 Poker, have recently implemented brand new software called Poker 8, bringing a whole load of improvements to their offering. Let’s take a look at the Poker 8 software in detail…

What is Poker 8?

Poker 8 is a brand-new desktop client that is transforming the experience of poker players at 888 poker. In the latest refresh, 888 Poker is looking to make the player experience easier, cleaner, and more aesthetic compared to other online poker providers.

Having recently been launched, the new desktop client was first available in the UK and Germany. It has since been rolled out globally. While the new desktop client is not included in updates currently, platers can uninstall the old client and reinstall 888 poker to be able to access the new platform.

What does Poker 8 offer?

The new poker 8 software has introduced a new user experience that defines 888 Poker from other providers in the online space. Below are some of the top improved features in 888 poker’s latest updates.

A new hand replayer

For players who utilize multiple poker rooms at one time, the hand replaying feature is incredibly beneficial. It’s also great for beginners. The feature can be accessed in the top right of the screen and allows players to simply hover over the hand feature to see the results of the last hand. What’s more, if you click on this icon, a pop-up window appears and shows all of the hands that have been played in the game so far.

Table customization options

The new desktop client has introduced a whole new level of custom personalization to the game that can be accessed through settings. When clicking on settings, players can now choose from eight different backgrounds, ten different decks, and four different card faces. On top of that, there are also two-four color decks to help players who like to play multiple games simultaneously.

Profile customisation

On top of the above choices, players can now customize the way their profile looks with a new series of picture options. This is beneficial in helping remember and distinguish online players. If you prefer to keep a classic and clean look, players are also able to remove all profile pictures from the table.

New layout

One of the worst things about online casinos sites is that they can appear loud and cluttered. With so many games and offers in one space, it can be difficult for players to navigate the site and cut through the clutter.

The new Poker 8 desktop client offers a cleaner, more spaced out and less cluttered approach that enhances the overall user experience. New smart features have also been introduced to make online play much easier to interpret, with blue light being added to each player’s boilerplate, indicating how much time the player has left. There’s also a handy new feature where a player’s avatar will fade from the table when they fold.

A new chat space

The previous chat space was large and bulky, taking up most of the screen when it was open. However, the new desktop client appears as a small chat bubble that can easily be opened in the corner and then minimized again.

Adding some fun

Ever found a poker game frustrating? The new desktop client adds in an element of fun where players are now able to chuck items at their opponents. Some of the options include an egg, a cake, a snowball, or a trophy.

An Improved experience

888 Poker’s offering of online poker has leveled up since the introduction of the new Poker 8 desktop client. With a great new space for players to utilize the online poker features, there’s less noise and a much cleaner look overall. While doing this, 888 poker has managed to retain the fun and engaging aspects of the game and make it more interactive.

888 Poker also offers a huge variety of online poker games, from the typical Texas Hold’em to Omaha Hi-Lo and plenty of other less typical options. One of the great things about playing online is that players can access game variants that are not always on offer in the live casino.

Poker 8 has leveled up the game for 888 Poker in which it will be interesting to see if other online poker providers will follow suit.

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