Phil Spencer Says He Likes the PS5’s Design Even Though it’s Not Thermally Ideal

Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer has explained that even though Sony took a different approach to the PS5’s design, he actually likes the design of the competing console. Unlike, the Xbox Series X, the PS5 is more focused on aesthetics and this will likely result in relatively poorer thermals and acoustics.

The Xbox Boss, however, sounded quite pleased with what Sony’s design team has come up with, explaining that both teams have taken approaches to solving the same problem (keeping the systems cool).

We chose our design because we wanted a large fan that we could spin a little more slowly so we’re not making noise. We wanted a very quiet console, so noise was something that we focused on. So we built a form-follow-function design so that we could draw a lot of air with a big fan spinning a little bit slower so we didn’t get those high-pitched whining sounds that sometimes consoles can make.

Phil Spencer

The XSX’s design, plus the lower clock speeds (1.825GHz) compared to the Sony PS5 mean that it’ll likely run cooler and quieter than its sleeker rival. The PS5, on the other hand, has a much smaller intake fan which will make it harder to cool the GPU. (Alprazolam) The dynamic GPU clocks (up to 2.23GHz) were used for the same reason. For more demanding workloads, the boost clock will likely scale down, resulting in worse than the officially rated performance. We already have an idea of how hot the Navi 10 based RX 5700 XT runs, and considering that the PS5 will be powered by a much larger die based on the same 7nm node, you can guess the result.

So knowing that the PlayStation 5 is running at higher clocks, it just creates more heat. But that’s not a Sony problem. I like the design of what they did. I have a lot of respect for what the teams do at PlayStation. But they’re running their box differently than we are, and it creates unique design challenges in how you keep these things cool. That’s a problem for both of us, so that’s not a shock. And they took an approach that is different than what we did.

Phil Spencer


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