Overview of the Top 5 Gambling Games on Facebook

Are you looking for popular casino games on Facebook? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article contains an overview of the top 5 gambling games on Facebook that you can enjoy with your friends.

You will be surprised to know that Facebook is much more than social media as it is one of the biggest iGaming platforms. It contains over 6,000 games, and over 20 billion game sessions played across the platform. Online casinos are one of them and have a fair collection of gambling games through which you can have lots of fun.

So, if you want to socialize with people and stay indulged in your favorite games, then let’s see the most popular gambling games to play on Facebook.

Top 5 Popular Gambling Games On Facebook

Facebook contains numerous gambling games that are popular worldwide and have fun to play. You can explore the below list to play and experience the feel of an online casino for free.

1) Slotomania

Slotomania will be seen in every list of online casino games when it comes to the Facebook gambling game. It is a free casual mobile game developed by Israeli studio, Playtika in 2011 and adopted by Facebook. You can find this game on slot-online.com.

The whole casino is divided into three categories or gaming sections that you can easily play on your PC and smartphone. 

  • The first section is for new members, where you can access 100+ games based on two slots. 
  • Another section is known as slot cards which contain collectibles of card games. You can unlock them by playing different games or buying them from the shop. 
  • The third section features 40 classic-style slots and millions of players engaged in this platform, making it the most popular game.

Slotomania doesn’t use real money but relies on credit coins and fake currency. Additionally, there are daily quests, level-ups, and a ton of content to unblock several games so you will not feel bored.

2) DoubleDown Casino

The next is the DoubleDown Casino, a free online gambling game that consists of over 200 slots. If you are looking for free online casinos with various games on Facebook, then DoubleDown is for you to play. This game was developed by IGT and published by DoubleDown Interactive for Android and iOS. You can also find this game on Facebook for free, and it can be played on both mobile and desktop; both devices.

You can find some popular games like poker games, blackjack, different types of slots, and many more. Recently it has added some authentic games like video-related gambling, roulette, and some other iGaming options. You can play these games anytime and anywhere you want, and they feature socializing with others without investing any money. 

3) House of Fun

Another name on this list is House of Fun which has several popular games on Facebook online casino. Again this game was developed by Playtika and published by Playtika Ltd. and Playtika-House of Fun Limited. This is a free-to-play online casino that provides virtual slot machines in the social app. This game has hundreds of titles with some of the best features and themes to keep you and your Facebook friends entertained. Apart from that, it consists of the best sound effects to enhance your gaming experience.

In addition, House of Fun also has a standalone application specially designed for mobile users. You can download these apps and play various games without investing actual cash. It also offers many rewards, such as free spins and credits for the players involved in various card games. House of Fun is more fun to play due to rules and instructions with unique combinations implemented on every slot. 

So, if you want to explore a variety of card-based slots online, then House of Fun is for you. You can include your Facebook friends and have fun together or play with other players available on Facebook if alone.

4) Caesar 

Caesar is a very popular franchise that is recently adopted by Facebook. This platform was developed and published by Playtika limited, a popular gaming studio in Israel, and meanwhile developed many games for Facebook. This app also has a standalone app that can be supported on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Caesar is the first online game that has been launched for Facebook, and this was the platform that started offering bonuses and surpassed its competitors. It has been a part of gaming for a long time and knows how to keep things fun in various tournaments. Though you can’t play with real money or even win real rewards, you can play the games like other online casinos. You can socialize with different Facebook communities, play with them and earn bonuses the platform offers.

It has a variety of online gambling games like blackjack, roulette, online poker, slot machines, and many more. You can play those games with high graphics and impressive sound effects with your Facebook games.

5) Jackpot Party Casino

Jackpot Party Casino is a game that has been a part of Facebook iGaming for a long time. The game was developed by SciPlay, and the publisher of this game is Phantom EFX and SciPlay for the platform of Android and iOS. Later this game is included on Facebook, which has gained massive popularity in a very short period; the reason is that it offers massive bonuses for the new players and a credit to payers with the package. This package costs actual money, starting from $5 to $50, which can help you play games with higher wages. Unfortunately, you can’t wager with real money on the slot machines of this platform. All the games are based on credit, and even winning more credits will not be converted into real money.

Bottom Line

Not only online casino games are available on Facebook, but you can find more gambling portals. Many online gambling platforms available in the market bet they all charge a deposit to join the platform. The casinos on Facebook don’t charge any real money to indulge in the game, and you can interact with other players and even play with your friends. This article is based on the best games available on Facebook, where you can practice gambling online for fun and learn the strategy.

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