Outlook: New Extension Lets You See Emails Without Leaving Edge

The Microsoft team continues to improve its products and release new user-friendly updates. In 2021, their number increased significantly, especially after the release of the voice recording mode, able to make various commands. However, one of the best novelties of this year is considered a new MS Edge extension.

Outlook has a new extension mode available that allows you to browse emails without having to leave Microsoft Edge. This new feature is only available through the Edge add-ons store. However, this will reach more browsers, which is definitely good news. The Microsoft 365 Roadmap reveals that this new feature will be available for Chrome in the nearest future. If you still haven’t moved to Outlook due to the lack of technical capabilities of importing MBOX into Outlook, we recommend you to follow the link provided.

A New Extension Lets You See Emails Without Leaving Edge

Indeed, we can already open the mail app while surfing the Internet. However, it is also good to have another option. In fact, being able to see the email and access an important link without leaving the browser is interesting. This way, we don’t need to open another app or website.

Limitations? Just one for now. At this point, if the extension has alerted you to new emails and you are checking them, you will not be able to interact with the page you had opened. So, you can only do this after closing the extension. However, Microsoft will also add the ability to drag files between the web page and the extension in the future.

Another interesting new feature is that the extension also works with your Outlook calendar. In other words, while browsing through emails, you can also check your calendar or a to-do list. In fact, it’s fascinating. The extension will be launched in a preview version soon.

However, in Chrome, this extension should work the same way. We have a small indicator in the upper right corner, and when a message arrives, we can see it in the browser. We can also go through all the emails in our Inbox.

Microsoft Updated Roadmap for Upcoming Changes in Edge

Microsoft has updated the Component Release Roadmap section on the Edge Insider website to include the latest information on changes and innovations for the Edge browser. The list also indicates the version of Edge in which one or another feature should appear and the estimated release date. Main upcoming innovations:

  • Launching the PWA apps without having to run the full browser in the background;
  • Visual price history for goods in 10 different stores;
  • Greater flexibility in Edge launch options for IT administrators in organizations;
  • Automatic translation from unknown languages;
  • Initial settings for Edge Enterprise;
  • Improved content filter for Family Safety, etc.

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