Online Pokies Hacks in New Zealand

We’re currently living in the era of hacks. Every time you refresh your social media feed, a new life hacks video comes up. Can we use the same idea for real money online pokies NZ? If yes, what are they?

That’s what we plan to explore in this post. We’re going to take online casino real money pokies online as a whole and try to understand if you can use these hacks. You might have seen plenty of strategy guides for table games like Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack but not many for pokies online NZ, we can bet on that.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because we’re getting to the bottom of it.

What are Online Pokies and How Do They Work?

The first step in learning gardening hacks would be to know the basics of gardening. Otherwise, what would you do with the knowledge? The same goes for the casino online industry in New Zealand or any other country.

The game type in question, pokies online real money to be precise, is the largest genre of casino games. Every online casino real money site you visit like WildTornado.casino, there are thousands of pokies waiting for you to explore them.

These are RNG games. It means the game results are generated based on random strings of numbers created by an algorithm. So, these are the purest form of the “game of chance”.

On the contrary, if you think about table games like Roulette or Blackjack, you have some room for using your intellect. You can strategically place your bets or even choose what hand to deal with in these games.

But for real money pokies online, it’s not possible. All you can do is set the bet value and in some cases, the number of active paylines. That’s it.

Can you see why there are not many “hacks” you can apply to these games? It’s because there’s no control in your hand to manipulate the game results at all.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use your intelligence to improve your winning chances, or at least, minimize your losses.

Let us help you with online pokies hacks we believe will help you in this regard. These are not “hacks” per se but tips that you can implement when you’re playing the games ar Wild Tornado Casino.

Online Pokies Hacks You Can Use the Next Time You Play

As we already stated, if you think these tips are going to help you win more, you’re thinking from the wrong perspective. No hack can help you win more. But these tips can help you retain your bankroll for longer and hopefully reduce the chances of incurring massive losses.

Bankroll Management is Where Things Start

The first step of intelligent gambling starts with bankroll management. Experts will agree all the way through because it’s true. Isn’t it better to play in smaller chunks rather than blowing the entire fund on a bad bet?

The ideal way to approach your bankroll in an online casino New Zealand is to break it into smaller sections. For starters, if you have NZD 1,000 to spend, make ZND 10 your betting unit. So, you have 100 units to play with.

As you’re playing pokies online, the minimum bet starts at a quite low amount. If you’re willing to try as many games as possible, you can assign 1 unit of bankroll for each game. That gives you NZD 10 per game which should be plenty to understand how the game works.

Of course, the numbers we’re mentioning in this guide are arbitrary. You can make modifications as you see fit.

Learn About the Game Mechanics

If you look into the previous section, we have a statement that says “understand how the game works”. We basically meant that you need to focus on the game’s mechanics. You need to know the rated RTP, the volatility, the hit frequency, maximum winning potential, and the symbol payouts.

The combination of all these aspects makes an online pokie. So, when you know what they mean for a particular game, you can do a somewhat comprehensive analysis of the outcomes. For example, you can’t expect frequent payouts from a high-volatility game. You have to accept that you might lose all of your bankrolls before landing a substantial win.

If you know that, you also know that low volatility games pay more often but with a smaller payout ratio. So, if you’re not ready to burn through all your money, you’ll stick to low volatility games. Essentially, you’re minimizing the potential of big losses.

Play high RTP Slots

This is basically the ultimate hack. Many new players don’t know about RTP and how it impacts their experience. RTP is short for Return to Player and it indicates the potential of winning back your wagers.

RTP of online pokies is represented in percentage. A 96% RTP title means you may win up to NZD 96 back for every ZND 100 you spend on a game. Then again, it’s just an estimation and you need to play a lot of rounds to get to that RTP.

Use the Bonuses!

We’ve seen many players shy away from bonuses just because they have to complete wagering requirements. Reputed brands like Wild Tornado Casino don’t impose any more than 40x wagering which is pretty easy to meet.

Wrapping Up

Although you can’t “hack” the online pokies in New Zealand, you can use some nifty tricks to not lose more than you have to. Also, put your trust in WildTornado Casino to keep things safe and reliable. 

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