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Since casinos started operating online, more and more people, including people from New Zealand, are starting to play Casino games online. After all, you don’t have to go anywhere to play Casino games anymore, and thanks to mobile apps, you will be able to play Casino games at any place and any time. And while that may sound tempting, in reality, some people suffer from these opportunities. This is because with the appearance of online casinos, compulsive gambling started spreading among casino players very quickly. Proceed with our article to find out more about compulsive gambling.

The Problem of Compulsive Gambling

As we have previously mentioned, while playing online casino games in New Zealand, some people are becoming addicted to the process and can’t imagine living their lives without spending a day to play Casino games. Some people are having no problem living with it, while others are suffering severely from it, since compulsive gambling can ruin lives with ease.

Compulsive gambling is a term that is associated with the urge to play Casino games at all costs, even if you have to spend the last of your money or even steal money to play Casino games. Of course, because of compulsive gambling, people are wasting their lives, and losing relationships. If you are thinking that you are becoming a compulsive gambler, please, proceed with our article to learn if you are a compulsive gambler or not.

How to Identify if you are a compulsive gambler

Even though compulsive gambling is a huge problem, there is a way to find out whether or not you are suffering from it. This is done by answering the list of questions that can help you identify whether or not you are a compulsive gambler. These questions are:

  • Did you ever spend time gambling instead of working?
  • Has gambling ever made you unhappy?
  • Did gambling affect your relationship with other people?
  • Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
  • Did you feel as if you need to continue gambling after losing all your money?
  • Did you have a strong urge to play more after you’ve from from playing casino games?
  • Did you ever borrow money to continue playing casino games?
  • Have you ever sold anything to play casino games?
  • Did gambling ever make you forget about your family or friends?
  • Have you ever gambled more than you expected?
  • Did gambling affect your sleep?
  • Do arguments or conflicts make you start gambling to calm down?

By answering these questions, you will be able to find out whether or not you suffer from compulsive gambling. You should only answer either Yes or No to these questions.

What to do if you suffer from compulsive gambling?

If you have answered these questions, and most of the answers were Yes, unfortunately, you are a compulsive gambler. However, this is not the end of the world, since compulsive gambling can be cured. There are multiple ways to fight with compulsive gambling. They are:

  • Contact the support team of the online casino you’re gambling on. At all online casinos, you can contact the support team for any types of questions. Of course, if you suffer from compulsive gambling, you can also contact the support team of the online casino. This way, the support team will help you by providing instructions about gambling addiction;
  • Try to find another hobbies. Gambling is a hobby, which means it can be changed. If you can’t think of anything except gambling, try to find another hobby for yourself. Sports, drawing, cycling – anything that your heart desires. By doing so, you can quickly get into a new hobby, and slowly, but surely, the urge to play casino games will fade;
  • Find other ways to deal with stress. For some people, gambling is a way to fight with stress. After all, you can play your favorite games and have fun, right? Well, when it comes to addictive gambling, you should try to find other ways of dealing with stress, and the sooner – the better. There are multiple healthy ways to deal with stress, so please, find the one that is most suitable for you;
  • Keep in mind that gambling is bad. Even though you have probably won money from gambling, you shouldn’t forget what gambling can lead your life to. Each time you feel the urge to start playing casino games again, just remember what gambling can lead you to. This way, your mind will subconsciously prohibit you from playing games;
  • Imagine the online casino you’re playing at from a different perspective. When thinking about online casinos, you probably have thoughts like it being fun or valuable. However, you should change your mindset, and think of online casinos as bad or negative. This way, you will find it easier to deal with gambling urges.

About Online Casinos NZ

If you are new to gambling, or are not a compulsive gambler, we cannot prohibit you from playing Casino games. If you are willing to play casino games just for a bit and have fun, please, use Online Casinos NZ.

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