OEMs Release Revised Intel H410/B460 Boards with 11th Gen Rocket Lake Support

A while back Intel made it official that the lower-end H410 and B460 boards won’t be supporting the 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S parts, on account of a hardware limitation. Certain OEMs have decided to circumvent the chipmaker’s plan by releasing revised versions of existing boards with support for the upcoming processors.

The lower-end 400 series chipsets haven’t been deliberately locked out from supporting the Rocket Lake-S parts, rather it’s a hardware limitation. The H410 and B460 chipsets leverage the older 22nm process node which can’t support the 11th Gen lineup without significant hardware-level modification.

Motherboard vendors, most notably Gigabyte have overcome this by essentially marketing the higher-end H470 chipset as an H410 powered board. The Gigabyte Ultra Durable H410M DS2V V2 and the S2H V2 are two H470 boards being marketed as lower-end H410 offerings.

It’s unclear whether Gigabyte will keep the rest of the board unchanged or upgrade the VRM solution along with the chipset, but considering that these are budget-range options, I’d be surprised if they do. Regardless, these motherboards should work well with the 11th Gen non-K Core i3, i5 and i7 processors.



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