NZXT Announces RGB and Fan Controller

NZXT has announced the arrival of its RGB & Fan Controller. Powered by NZXT CAM, it gives users the tools to customize lighting and fan profiles as per their personal tastes. The NZXT RGB & Fan Controller was created for builders to easily and affordably add digital RGB and fan control to their rigs.

Compared to Corsair and ASUS’ more expensive RGB controllers, the NZXT offering has more features and is more affordable. The NZXT RGB and Fan Controller is compatible with all NZXT lighting accessories such as LED strips, underglow, cable combs, and AER RGB 2 fans. Additionally, three dedicated 10W fan channels are included, giving users direct control of their airflow performance digitally.

The Main Features of the NZXT RGB & Fan Controller

  • Lighting Channels: Two NZXT RGB lighting channels, up to 40 individually addressable LEDs per channel, 80 LEDs total. Lighting channels now support up to six addressable RGB LED Strips or five Aer RGB fans.
  • Fan Channels: Three fan channels with max 10W per channel output.
  • More RGB Lighting Accessories: Mix and match any NZXT RGB LED accessories within each channel, including NZXT Underglow, Cable Comb, LED strips in various lengths, and Aer RGB fans while syncing all lighting accessories across different channels.
  • Price: $24.99 USD


  • USA: Now at
  • ROW: Early February


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