NVIDIA’s RTX Super Gaming Laptops to be 50% Faster than Present, Slide Claims

An NVIDIA marketing slide has emerged that claims the Super variants of the RTX mobile GPUs will be as much as 50% faster than their non-Super counterparts. The slide was provided by PCGamesN, via an anonymous source.

Like most of NVIDIA’s marketing slides, this one is hard to digest as well. The relative frame rates provided are the average of three RTX titles, namely Control, Young Blood and Deliver Us to the Moon. The games were tested at the highest quality preset, meaning ray-tracing was turned on along with DLSS.

Since there’s a GTX 1050 in the stack I’m guessing they’re comparing it to the integrated graphics on the accompanying Intel CPU? At the top of the stack, you’ve got the RTX 2070 Super and the 2080 Super. The absence of the RTX 2080 is rather striking. There’s also no 2060 Super either. In fact, the only legit comparison we can make is between the 2070 and the 2070 Super. And there, the latter appears to be 10-15% faster. So I’m not really sure what PCGN was trying to convey here.

There have been rumors that the GTX 1650 mobile will be refreshed with GDDR6 memory and lower core counts. GB listings have also been sighted pointing to a possible RTX 2060 revamp (a 60W version). It’ll be interesting to see if these rumors are true. And of course how much credence does this slide hold.



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