NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 Ti is Already Pushing a Power Draw of 500W on Air Cooling

NVIDIA’s final Ampere GPU, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti has been launched at long last. While the official TBP of the Founders Edition model is 450W, board partners are aiming much higher with the maximum wattage already exceeding 500W. The Galax RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC Lab Edition is the Kingpin of the East. With a TBP of 480W (515W Max), this abomination boosts to 1920MHz under load.

This card requires two 12VHPWR (PCIe Gen 5) power connectors and comes in a massive form factor. We’re looking at a 13″ monster that is 5″ wide and 3″ thick. Inside the hood, the HOF Lab Edition is powered by a 28 phase VRM and a 14-layer PCB. You get an OSD (HOF Panel II), dual BIOS, and of course RGB.


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