NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 was the Best-Selling GPU in March, AMD CPU Share Inches Closer to 30%

Steam just released its hardware survey numbers for the month of March, and we have a few surprises on the GPU side. Despite constrained capacity, the GeForce RTX 3070 was the most purchased graphics card among Steam gamers with an increase of 0.17% over the course of the month. Considering that it’s almost impossible to buy an Ampere part at retail prices, that’s a very impressive figure. The second and third most sold GPUs were the GTX 1650 and 1650 Ti which gained 0.15% and 0.13%, respectively.

The RTX 2060 follows shortly behind with an increase of 0.10%. At the fifth spot, we’ve got the RTX 3080 which increased its share by 0.8% to a total of 0.85%. Looking at these numbers, you can conclude one thing. Yes, there is a shortage of GPUs but a decent number of parts are still being sold (not just to miners) which explains why NVIDIA’s revenue has been growing at such a rapid pace. Once again, none of the Navi 2x GPUs made it to the top 10 or the top-20 or top-30 for the matter, indicating the near-absolute non-existence of AMD in the high-end graphics card market. (Viagra)

The CPU market behaved more or less the same as last month. AMD continued to steadily another chunk of the pie, with a rather considerable increase of +46% for the month of March, bringing Team Red’s total market share to 0.46%. This is probably the highest AMD since 2004-005. Although quite a few Rocket Lake-S parts were sold last month (especially in Germany), that doesn’t seem to have put a dampener on AMD’s march. It’ll be interesting to see if Intel makes any gains in April.


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