NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 Shipments w/ Enhanced Anti-Miner Measures Delayed to Ending May

A while back, it was discovered by certain outlets that NVIDIA is making new dies for its entire RTX 30 series lineup with strict anti-miner measures (on a hardware plus driver level), making it nearly impossible to mine Ether at stock hash rates. This measure was taken after someone on NVIDIA’s driver team accidentally released a developer driver that allowed miners to mine Ether on the RTX 3060 at its full-fledged speed of over 50 MH/s. The GeForce RTX 3060 which was earlier based on the GA106-300-A1 die has been updated to the GA106-302-A1.

As per earlier rumors, the new variant of the RTX 3060 with the enhanced anti-miner measures would be shipped along with the new drivers in early May. However, a report from ChannelGate claims that the shipments have been delayed to late May. NVIDIA will be allocating dies to various board partners in early May, and then ship them not before the last week of May.

Furthermore, the older dies will continue to be utilized until the stock runs out, and as such, miners will have ample chances to get their hands on new cards (albeit at inflated prices) before the new shipments roll in.



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