NVIDIA’s Graphics Card Share Continued to Grow thru the First Half of 2021, Sold Nearly 5x More GPUs Than AMD

NVIDIA extended its dominance in the graphics card market through the first half of the year, growing its market share by 3% over the last two quarters. Compared to the previous year though, the GPU vendor lost more than 3% of its share to Intel’s integrated offerings. This can largely be attributed to the graphics card shortages that have squeezed the budget and entry-level segments, leaving GPU vendors to rely on the high-end and enthusiast markets.

NVIDIA’s overall GPU market share fell from 18.84% in the second quarter of 2020 to 15.23% by the end of the same quarter this year. Intel gained nearly 5 points of share in the same period, while AMD lost over one point, bringing it down to 16.48%, from 17.65% in the same quarter last year. It’s worth noting that these figures include the latter’s integrated graphics options, as well as the Ryzen APUs, explaining the higher overall share.

Things were largely quiet in the discrete GPU market. NVIDIA gained two points of share in the second quarter, bringing the overall tally to 83%, up from 81% last quarter. Consequently, AMD dropped from 19% to 17%. Compared to the previous year, we’re looking at a gain/loss of +3%/-3% for NVIDIA,/AMD. This puts NVIDIA’s sales at nearly 5x more than AMD in the first half of the year.


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