NVIDIA’s GPU Supply for Q3 2020 to be 30% Lower than Q2, Prices Expected to Soar Further

NVIDIA’s GPU inventory for Q3 is going to be 30% lower than Q2 as per info from the supply chain. As such, you can expect the prices of the entire RTX 20 series lineup to go up by a notch in the coming months. The reason for the drop isn’t clear, but the halt in RTX Turing GPU production is certainly a factor.

As per a notification sent by NVIDIA to ASIC partners, the GPU die supply from August to October will be 70% compared to that of last quarter. We’ve already started seeing the impact of this decision: The market price for the Turing flagship, the RTX 2080 Ti has soared to new heights.

As far as the next-gen Ampere graphics cards are concerned, the earliest they will hit retail is September with a possible announcement in August. Keep in mind that this is the best-case scenario, and the hard launch might get delayed.

The same is true for AMD’s Navi 2x and Big Navi graphics cards. We won’t be seeing either cards before Q4, and the official announcement is slated to come in October.



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