NVIDIA Won’t Launch an RTX Titan Based on the RTX 40 Series “Ada Lovelace” Architecture [Rumor]

NVIDIA has allegedly shelved its ultra high-end RTX Titan SKU of the RTX 40 “Ada Lovelace” family. Based on the fully enabled x102 die, the Titans have been the fastest prosumer GPU on the market across several generations. With the RTX 30 series “Ampere” family, it was launched as the RTX 3090 Ti, and from the looks of it, it’ll remain absent from the Ada Lovelace lineup as well. From what we’ve heard, the RTX 4090 Ti is planned as an (almost) fully enabled AD102 core with higher clocks and cache but the same memory buffer.

According to Kopite7kimi, the authority on NVIDIA leaks, the RTX Titan of the Ada Lovelace family has been shelved or wasn’t planned to begin with. Either way, the RTX 4090 launched a few days back will continue to be the fastest (or the second fastest) gaming GPU for the next 18-24 years. The RTX 4090 Ti will be a better binner variant of the same, albeit with additional SMs and cache enabled. Unless AMD puts Ada on the backfoot with Navi 31 (quite unlikely), NVIDIA has no reason to release the fully enabled AD102-based Titan.


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