NVIDIA to Pair its GPUs w/ 128-Core Ampere Altra CPUs in Data Centers, MediaTek CPUs in Notebooks

NVIDIA highlighted its lesser-known partnerships in the mobile and data center markets during its Q1 2021 earnings call earlier today. While they have been mentioned before as well, much of the media coverage was focused on the Grace Arm CPUs and the future GPU roadmap. The first pertains to the A100 Tensor Core GPU (previously Tesla) and its derivatives in the data center market. NVIDIA has been one of the early adopters of Ampere’s Arm-based Altra processors which will feature up to 128-cores. At present 80-core 2S variants are already available on the market.

NVIDIA moved quickly to bring its CUDA-X collection of libraries, tools, and technologies to deliver GPU acceleration to the Altra processors, not surprising considering its ongoing acquisition of Arm. The first supercomputer centers deployed include Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Labs. In the Enterprise and Edge, NVIDIA is also pairing its products with Marvell’s Arm-based OCTEON processors to accelerate video analytics and cybersecurity solutions. As is evident from these moves, it’s clear that the company is keen on working with key Arm licensees in the data center market.

In the low-power mobile business, NVIDIA is also working with MediaTek to bring integrated and discrete graphics solutions to its upcoming Arm-based lineup of notebooks aimed at gamers, a first in the Windows-x86 dominated scene. This can be seen as a direct counter to AMD’s collaboration with Samsung to bring its RDNA design to Galaxy smartphones.



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