NVIDIA Teases Ampere: V-Shaped PCB and 12-pin Power Connector

NVIDIA has released a video showcasing the heatsink and PCB design of past generations (and a bit about the future Ampere lineup). There are two primary confirmations regarding Ampere in this video, namely the heatsink design, the 12-pin connector and a possible screenshot of the GA102 GPU die that will power all the higher-end cards:

These pictures show the heatsink design and it appears that the leaks were on-point. The FE cards will indeed have opposing fan placements, one on the front and the other on the back. The last image shows the air circulation through this new design.

Second, in the above image, you can see that there’s a 12-pin power connector. Luckily, this new connector will be compatible with the older 8-pin cables using an included adapter. This screenshot also shows a V-shaped PCB which is a first for FE or reference cards. All the components are packed very close to each other for this reason. You can see the inductors, MOSFETs, and capacitors along with the fan connectors, all in one image.


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