NVIDIA Stock Price Surges to Record High of $799, Reaching a Market Cap of Nearly $500 Billion: 5x More than AMD, 2x More than Intel

Over the last few days, NVIDIA’s share price rose by over 5%, reaching an all-time high of $799.40, pushing the company’s market capitalization to nearly $500 billion. This makes NVIDIA the most valued semiconductor company in the United States despite having a notably lower revenue than Intel and Qualcomm. This increase in the share value is the analysts raising the possibility of a successful Arm acquisition. Citi raised the possibility of NVIDIA acquiring Arm from 10% to 30%, primarily because three major licensees including Broadcom and Marvell Technology have decided to support the transaction.

This means that NVIDIA is now twice as valuable as Intel despite generating a fraction of the revenue. Intel’s share price is pegged under $60 with a total market cap of $232 billion. In comparison, AMD’s shares are worth $87 each with an overall market cap of $105.80 billion.


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