NVIDIA Share Price Peaks at $588 After Ampere Launch

Hot on the heels of the Ampere launch, NVIDIA’s stock price soared by around 10-12% to $588 in the first week of September. Later on, part of the gains was lost but the stock still settled at around $540, up from $525-530 on the 31st of August.

After NVIDIA’s Ampere launch, BofA raised the company’s price target from $600 to $650 while continuing to maintain a Buy rating.

The main takeaway from NVDA’s Ampere gaming event held earlier is that mainstream RTX 3080 and 3070 cards are priced at $699 and $499, which is unchanged from their prior-gen Turing versions, and are $100 cheaper than the speculated $799/$599 pricing ahead of the event.


Although NVIDIA’s Ampere graphics cards use Samsung’s 8nm node instead of TSMC’s much more efficient 7nm process, the various improvements brought by the 2x increase in FP32 performance and vastly superior RTX (ray-tracing and DLSS) performance should be more than enough to challenge and pacify AMD’s upcoming Navi 2x lineup.

As per BoA, the RTX 30 series GPUs should prompt a huge number of the GeForce base to upgrade as more than 75% of the gamers are still relying on the older pre-RTX Pascal and Maxwell graphics cards. This should help boost the rather mild forecast of +15% YoY (2021) for the company’s gaming segment.


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