NVIDIA RTX 4090 AIB Models are Listed on Newegg: Starting at $1,599

NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace flagship, the GeForce RTX 4090, has now been listed on Newegg by board partners. We aren’t referring to pre-orders just yet as these are mere listings with what are likely placeholder pricing, a smidge higher than the MSRPs. The models listed include the MSI Suprim with AIO cooling, ASUS ROG, ASUS TUF, and Gigabyte Gaming:

The MSI Gaming Tri is the cheapest, priced at $1,599, followed by the Suprim AIO, priced at $1,749. The ASUS variants, as usual, are the most expensive. ( The TUF is listed at $1,799 while the ROG Strix has a steep asking price of $1,999, $500 higher than the $1,499 FE card. Even the final retail price will likely be a couple of hundred dollars higher than the rest of the stack.

Areej Syed

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