NVIDIA RTX 4070 Specs: 7,680 Cores, 12GB GDDR6X Memory, as Fast as the RTX 3090 Ti @ 300W [Rumor]

The specifications of NVIDIA’s midrange Lovelace GPU have become clearer. The RTX 4070 will reportedly leverage 12GB of high-speed GDDR6X memory clocked at 21Gbps alongside the full-fat AD104 die. Featuring 7,680 FP32 cores across 60 SMs, 30 TPCs, and 5 GPCs, we’re possibly looking at at least 35-40 TFLOPs of single-precision performance. Since we’re talking about the fully enabled die, the L2 cache should also be untouched at 48MB.

GPUGA102AD102RTX 4090AD103RTX 4080AD104RTX 4070
ArchAmpereAda LovelaceAda LovelaceAda Lovelace
ProcessSam 8nm LPPTSMC 5nmTSMC 5nmTSMC 5nm
TP37.6~100 TFLOPs?90 TFLOPs?~50 TFLOPs47 TFLOPs?~35 TFLOPs35 TFLOPs?
L2 Cache6MB96MB72MB64MB48MB
Bus Width384-bit384-bit256-bit160-bit
LaunchSep 2020Sept 22?Sept 22?Sept 22?

The RTX 4070 will be the first RTX x70 card to feature GDDR6X memory, a technology NVIDIA has limited to the $500+ segments. However, at the same time, the bus width has also been reduced to 160-bit keeping the bandwidth largely the same. The TGP is also a very respectable 300W, 80W more than its predecessor, the RTX 3070. Keep in mind that we’re looking at RTX 3090 to 3090 Ti levels of performance in a $400-500 SKU here, so this is nothing to scoff at.

It’s unclear whether the RTX 4070 will launch this year or early next year but going by leaks and rumors, a CES 2023 release is highly probable.


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