NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti is Allegedly the Worse GPU Launch of 2023, Sells Less than the AMD RX 7600 [Rumor]

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4060 Ti launch is off to a shaky start. Reviewers panned the budget Ada Lovelace GPU as its 8GB VRAM buffer can cause bottlenecks in many games. Despite costing the same as its predecessor, the RTX 4060 Ti isn’t selling well. According to Moore’s Law is Dead, retailers are having trouble selling the RTX 4060 Ti, losing out to AMD’s Radeon RX 7600 in many regions.

Source: MLID.

Per third-party estimates, 27K RX 7600 and 33K RTX 4060 Tis were shipped to North America this week. Globally, 90K units were shipped for each SKU, with the latter being prioritized in Europe. One of MLID’s sources even believes the RTX 4060 Ti launch is the worst in recent memory. It sold 1/10th as well as the RTX 4070, during its launch week.

Conversely, the Radeon RX 7600 has been selling better than expected, even selling out at a few locations. The $269 price tag is doing miracles for the RX 7600. Even though the overall sales aren’t higher than the RTX 4060 Ti, retailers expect the card to hold its own in the coming weeks.

AIBs have decided to reduce the volume of the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti until either the demand picks up or they get a rebate for extra supply. The RTX 4060 is expected to do better due to its affordable price tag.


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