NVIDIA RTX 3090 Reaches Impressive Speeds of 122MH/s in Ethereum Mining

The mining performance of NVIDIA’s fastest Ampere graphics card, the RTX 3090 has been leaked with the GPU scoring an impressive 122MH/s in Ethereum. It’s unclear which algorithm the card was tested on, but the average hash rate of the 3090 should be above 100 on average in Ethereum mining.

This info was shared by I_Leak_VN on Twitter

This isn’t really a big jump over the RTX 3080’s 80MH/s on daggerHashimoto, especially considering that the GPU costs less than half as much and pushes 90 MH/s upon overclocking. Another important factor for miners is the power draw that will be a fair bit higher on the RTX 3090.

Overall though, it’s not the power, but that price that’s the pressing issue here, as with RTX 3080s you can easily achieve nearly 140 MH/s for around $1,400 which is still $100 lower than the RTX 3090’s MSRP of $1,500.


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