NVIDIA RTX 3090 Powered Mining Rig w/ Liquid Cooling Spotted: Generates a Revenue of Over $4,000/Month

A custom-cooled mining rig featuring eight GeForce RTX 3090s has been spotted which is capable of generating over $4,000 per month. The RTX 3090 is the fastest GPU for mining on the market with a massive bandwidth of 936GB/s, and when you pair several of them, you get a miner’s dream: A single rig that brings in over $4K in a month. To top it off, these GPUs were cooled by an open-loop setup, further bolstering their performance, allowing for even higher returns:

Although the RTX 3090 isn’t a gaming GPU, it’s still pretty impressive (or outrageous) to see a single miner claim eight of them, pair them with water blocks and then get even after less than half a year of mining.

Source: I_Leak_VN


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