NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Spotted w/ Ether Mining Hash Rate of 119 MH/s

As NVIDIA gets closer to launching the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, we’re seeing more and more details of the upcoming Ampere flagship. Earlier today, Videocardz shared a die shot, a GPU-Z screenshot along with the alleged Ether mining performance of the GPU. Keep in mind that this snapshot is likely from before the anti-mining measures were put in place, and doesn’t represent the mining capabilities of the retail version:

According to the above screenshot, the RTX 3080 Ti was going to offer an incredible hash rate of 119 MH/s in Ether mining, prior to the block. This is with the memory overclocked to 21.4Gbps and the TBP limited to 278W, and as such the stock performance (without the mining block) should be around 110 MH/s. Even with the mining performance reduced to half, this should result in a hash rate of close to 70 MH/s, a bit over the RTX 3070’s 60 MH/s.

In terms of the clock speeds, we’re looking at a base clock of 1365MHz and a boost of 1665MHz, although GPU boost should allow boost clocks closer to the 2GHz mark with proper cooling. As for the memory clock, it’s running at a stock clock of 1188MHz (multiply by 4^2) or 19 Gbps, similar to the RTX 3080. (

The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is expected to launch sometime in May with a price of over $1,000 (most likely $1,199), and performance slightly lower than the 3090 and around 10-15% more than the 3080.


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