NVIDIA RTX 3080 Drops to $500 in Reseller Markets as GPU Mining Becomes Unprofitable

The cryptocurrency boom has finally met its inevitable doom. Mining Ether on GPUs is now unprofitable in most US States, prompting many miners to sell functioning equipment in a bid to salvage what profits they can. As usual, the Chinese reseller market is the first to see the aftermath of the Ethereum crash with miners selling the NVIDIA RTX 3080 for as low as $523. These are primarily AIB partner cards from Gigabyte, Galax, MSI, and even OEMs like Dell.


It’s worth noting that GPU mining was banned in China before the crash, indicating that most of the large-scale mining farms were functional right up until now. The channel inventory in the US looks poised to be flooded by used RTX 3080s as well. You can already see seller listings as low as $600, with plenty going for $700:


The bulk of the RTX 3080 listings on eBay seem to be from US-based miners with a few from China and Kazakhstan as well. As usual, before buying a second-hand piece of hardware, be sure to use a secure trading platform and double-check before approving the payment.


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