NVIDIA RTX 3080 “Ampere” Graphics Cards Reportedly Launching in August

As per sources, NVIDIA’s next-generation Ampere graphics cards may launch as early as August (next month). The Founders’ Edition GPUs will likely be available first, with board partner models slated to launch in September or October.

Recent reports suggest that production of the higher-end RTX 20 series cards has already been discontinued and stocks for the RTX 2080 Ti are running quite low.

At the same time, other (less reliable) sources have claimed that AMD’s Navi 2x graphics cards might get delayed to early 2021, at least the board partner models. If that turns out to be true, only reference cards will be available later this year which means there will likely be a shortage of units.

The source claims that the first validation sample for Big Navi was just recently sent to Shanghai for driver development. It appears that AMD’s US engineers have yet to visit the China-based manufacturing test labs to assess the final GPU performance. This means all previous leaks regarding Big Navi’s performance are bogus.


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