NVIDIA RTX 3080 Achieves 80 MH/s in Ethash-Ethereum: 2.5x More than RTX 2080

It appears that the Ampere graphics cards will indeed be potent mining chips. As per figures shared by NiceHash, the very first RTX 3080 detected on their network achieved a rather impressive 80MH/s on the daggerHashimoto platform.

Update: It appears that Marko’s figures were on point. The latest reports confirm that the RTX 3080 will achieve 73-84 MH/s on stock and as much as 92-93 MH/s when overclocked.

Source via 3dcenter

That’s roughly 2.5x as much as the GeForce RTX 2080 which achieves an average of 30MH/s. Considering that there’s just one result for the RTX 3080, take it with a bit of uncertainty. The average may be slightly lower or higher than 80MH/s, but regardless that’s a decent figure. For comparison, the RX 5700 XT achieves 50-54MH/s while the RTX 2080 Ti manages up to 54 MH/s.

Traditionally AMD’s graphics cards have performed much better in crypto-mining due to their superior compute engine as a result of which Radeon cards were all but instinct during the mining bubble of 2019. This could perhaps be an attempt from NVIDIA to get a larger portion of the mining pie. While crypto-mining has never been good for gamers as it drives prices of consumer graphics cards through the roof, for chipmakers like NVIDIA and AMD, it’s a good source of revenue regardless.

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