NVIDIA RTX 3080, 3080 Ti and 3090|Titan May Feature 10GB, 20GB and 24GB of Memory, Respectively

As per Chiphell sources, NVIDIA’s higher-end Ampere graphics cards may feature 10GB to 24GB of VRAM. As you can guess, the RTX 3080 is likely the 10GB card and the RTX 3080 Ti packing a massive 20GB memory buffer. Lastly, the RTX Titan or the RTX 3090 will come with 24GB of memory. This probably means that the so-called 40GB+ variant is a Quadro or maybe even another Titan.

It seems that there’s no trace of a 16GB variant that is expected to the default memory config for AMD’s Big Navi. Regardless, here’s the summary of the specs of the Ampere lineup. Keep in mind that none of this info is confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt:

GPUDieCoresMemoryMemory SpeedBus Width
RTX TitanGA-102-400537624GB GDDR6X21Gbps?384-bt
RTX 3080 TiGA102-3005,24820GB GDDR6X21Gbps?384-bt
RTX 3080GA102-2004,35210GB GDDR6X18Gbps?320-bit
RTX 3070GA104?2,9448GB GDDR616Gbps?256-bit
RTX 3070 TiGA104?3,0728GB GDDR6X16Gbps?256-bit
Speculated Specs of the RTX 30 Series GPUs


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