NVIDIA RTX 3070 Mobile GPU Spotted: 5888 Cores and 8GB of GDDR6 Memory

It’s been just a month since NVIDIA launched its RTX 30 series graphics cards on the desktop platform, and plans of a mobile lineup are already in motion. A user on the BBS forums (via HXL) has shared a picture of the GN20 sample which is supposed to be the mobile variant of the RTX 3070:


The above GN20-E5 die is supposed to be based on the GA-104, the same die that powers the RTX 3070 and the upcoming RTX 3060 Ti. If you look at the chip closely, it has an A1 suffix which means clocks will be a notch lower than the desktop chips, probably in the 1500MHz range. It also means little to no overclocking headroom. Furthermore, it appears to be an OEM sample which means that the final products should be on the market next year, with a launch at CES 2021.


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