NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti Price Rises to $900 as Mining Demand Rises: AICs get only 2,000 GPUs per Month

As the mining boom continues, the graphics card market is in the worst state ever since…well, ever since the last crypto-currency bubble. The most popular GPU among miners is the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti which offers RTX 3070 levels of performance at a markedly lower price. Presently, the cheapest unit on the market costs over $750 which is almost twice its MSRP of $399.

Amazon only has the Zotac variants of the RTX 3060 Ti which are being sold for an absurd near-$900. That over $100 more than twice the MSRP!

Our German friend, Igor published a post today shedding some light on the GPU shortages. According to sources close to him, NVIDIA’s AIB partners are receiving just 2,000 units of the GA104-300 die per month which is basically a cut-down GA104 (3070) powering the RTX 3060 Ti. In China, miners are being sold the 3060 Ti for $700 which results in fat profits for the OEMs as these cards lack RMA as well as post-purchase support.

For the moment, there are multiple supply constraints in the GPU markets from the GPU dies themselves to memory and last but not least PWM controllers as well that are the core components of graphics card VRMs. The Ampere products require a complex multi-phase VRM which is even more expensive and rare. Igor goes as far as to state that these modulator chips are worth their weight in gold.

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