NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile Boasts Mining Performance Higher than the RTX 2080 Desktop

NVIDIA’s entry-level Ampere graphics card, the GeForce RTX 3060 offers solid mining performance, just like the rest of its RTX 30 series siblings. High compute performance paired with decent memory bandwidth are the two primary drivers behind the impressive showing in crypto mining.

In the above Tweet, you can see the hash rate of the mobile variant of the RTX 3060. The core clock has been reduced by -300 to reduce the GPU power while the memory has been increased by +650 to make up for the limited 192-bit bus. This results in a hash rate of 38 MH/s, a tad bit higher than the RTX 2080 which manages around 35-35 MH/s. The RTX 3070 in comparison achieves just over 50 MH/s in Ethermining using the daggerhashimoto algorithm.

While this may be good news to those of you who are into mining, it’ll likely prolong the shortage of graphics cards for budget-oriented gamers. It’s no secret the x60-class GeForce GPUs have always been the most popular among gamers. Read more:

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