NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ether Mining Block Can Now Be Removed by Anyone in a Few Clicks

NVIDIA’s Ether mining block on the GeForce RTX 3060 can now be removed in multiple ways. Other than the use of a modified BIOS and/or driver, you can simply go to NVIDIA’s website and download the latest developer driver v470.05 for Windows or Linux. Then do a clean install of the dev driver using DDU or some other utility and voila, you’re set. For some reason, this little trick may not work for some users, but many users are reporting success, with several hours of Ether mining at a full-fledged hash rate of 45-50MH/s on the RTX 3060.


With some tuning and overclocking, the RTX 3060 can reach hash rates nearly as high as 53-55 MH/s, just trailing behind the RTX 3060 Ti|RTX 3070 by a few inches at a notably lower power draw. However, the card is still far from being available at its MSRP of $329. Most retailers are selling the 3060 for a grand, more than three times its recommended MSRP.

Via: 포시포시|I_Leak_VN


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