NVIDIA RTX 30 Series GPUs to be in Limited Supply Till Feb/March 2021

As per multiple sources, NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series graphics cards continue will be in limited supply till March 2021. This was first indicated by CapFrameX, the man behind the popular benchmarking tool of the same name. We did a bit of digging and asked some board partners as well as some of our sources at NVIDIA, and got similar replies.

Although supply is expected to improve starting next month, it’ll still be very limited till February, with the situation expected to get back to normal in March. This is still a developing situation, so keep in mind that the actual period may vary by a week or so.

The reasons behind the shortage are two-fold. Some OEMs claims it’s due to limited 8nm yields at Samsung’s foundry, while the rest believe it’s combined result of poor yields and limited GDDR6X memory supply.

Regardless, it looks like AMD will have three whole months to consolidate its share in the graphics card market, if it can supply enough parts that is. At the time of launch, supply is expected to be relatively scarce, with additional shipments expected two weeks after the official launch.


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