NVIDIA Promises 8K 60 FPS in Death Stranding, Justice, Destiny 2 w/ RTX 3090

NVIDIA is promising a whopping 60 FPS at 8K with its newly launched GeForce RTX 3090 in titles like Death Stranding, Justice, Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, and even Control. Of course, there’s a catch. You’ll need to enable DLSS 2.0 in newer games but considering how good it looks, it’s hardly a drawback.

Furthermore, all the games were tested with at high-settings rather than ultra paired with an Intel Core i9-9900K and 32Gb of DDR4 memory. Now, as for what kind of display you’ll need for 8K, there really aren’t many options. There’s the Dell UltraSharp 8K monitor that sells for around $4,000, and well, that’s about it. There are also a bunch of TVs from LG, most notably the OLED and NanoCell 8K TVs featuring the Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor which recently got a firmware update to support Ampere.

The Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor in LG’s OLED and NanoCell 8K TVs take real-time ray-tracing performance to a new level and set a new standard for gaming-optimized picture and performance.

With LG 8K OLED TVs able to deliver 8K content at 60 frames per second and handling staggering 48Gbps speeds, playing 8K games on LG OLED TVs and an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX ™ 30 Series GPU has never looked so good.


Of course, these TVs do cost more than the GPU itself with a starting price of $4,000 and going all the way up to $30,000. Furthermore, these aren’t monitors, rather than massive 75-100″ TVs with limited options in terms of content. Looking at the non-DLSS frame rates for newer titles like Control, Justice and Young Blood, you can see that even the RTX 3090 is barely able to pump out 20 FPS, and that’s the high preset we’re talking about here. Therefore, our recommendation is to avoid these overpriced displays for the time being. It’ll take at least another generation or two for 8K to become viable.


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