NVIDIA Market Cap Soars Past Intel to $250 Billion For the First Time Ever: Shares at $406

NVIDIA’s market cap has hit an all-time high of $249.63 billion for the first time, beating Intel to become the third-largest semiconductor firm in the world. At the time of writing, Team Green’s shares are valued at $406.58 while Intel’s are limited to a paltry $58.38. This is the first time NVIDIA has ever overtaken Intel in terms of market capitalization. The latter had a market cap of approximately $247 billion.

NVIDIA is now the third-largest chipmaker going by market cap, right behind TSMC and Samsung although Intel still has a higher annual revenue. The company saw an increase of around 70% till now in 2020 as investors expect the pandemic to bolster company revenue amind increased adoption of cloud-based entertainment. Intel’s shares meanwhile have dropped by 2% this year.

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Earlier this year when Team Green declared its revenue for the first fiscal, it became clear that gaming is no longer the primary source of income for the GPU maker. NVIDIA’s Data Center business is valued at $1.14 billion, an increase of nearly 2x YoY. (

NVIDIA Posts a Solid Q1 as Data Center Revenue Grows by 80% YoY to $1 Billion+, Gaming by 27%

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The Gaming business is just slightly more lucrative with quarterly revenue of $1.34 million (up 30% YoY). It’s no surprise that the A100 accelerator was the first Ampere product to hit the market. NVIDIA has begun adopting a Data Center first approach in recent years, with events like GTC becoming a core attraction for both scientists and students.


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