NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Cards with GDDR6 Memory

NVIDIA has silently launched faster GTX 1650 graphics cards with GDDR6 memory. Other than the newer GDDR6 VRAM, the rest of the specifications are exactly the same as the vanilla 1650. It’s got the same 896 CUDA Cores paired with a 4GB memory buffer via puny a 128-bit bus. The clock speeds too are more or less identical.

The packaging is also unchanged, albeit it does mention the newer GDD6 memory. There are no marketing shenanigans involved, however, as we’re using to seeing with NVIDIA’s rebranded cards. The 1660 Super is after all a 1660 with GDDR6 memory, nothing less, nothing more.

The GDDR6 memory on the GTX 1650 runs at 12 Gbps resulting in a bandwidth of 192 GB/s, a healthy step up from the vanilla variant’s 128 GB/s/. NVIDIA has given the greenlight to all its partners regarding this decision, so we should see multiple models hit the market soon.



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