NVIDIA is Offering 28 Variants of the RTX 30 Series Mobile GPUs to OEMs

Thanks to some detective work by ComputerBase, we’ve discovered that NVIDIA’s Ampere mobile offerings have as many as 28 variants. Yes, that’s right. 28 variants of just 3 GPUs. We’ve yet to see the budget-range RTX 3050 and the 3050 Ti, so expect that number to swell up to 30. Remember the GTX 1650?

GPUTGP (W)FP32 CoresBase clock (MHz)Boost (MHz)Bus Width (bits)Memory Speed (Gbps)
RTX 3060 laptop GPU Max-Q603,8408171,28219212
RTX 3060 laptop GPU Max-Q653,8409751,35719212
RTX 3060 laptop GPU Max-Q703,8401,0501,40219212
RTX 3060 laptop GPU803,8409001,42519214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU853,8401,0351,48519214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU903,8401,1631,53019214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU953,8401,2151,56719214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1003,8401,2671,60519214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1053,8401,3051,642192 14
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1103,8401,3421,68019214
RTX 3060 laptop GPU1153,8401,3871,70219214
RTX 3060 Founders Edition1703,5841,3201780192 bits15 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU Max-Q805,1207801290256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU Max-Q855,1208551365256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU Max-Q905,1209301410256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU1155,1201.1101,560256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU1205,1201,1701,590256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3070 laptop GPU1255,1201,2151,620256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3070 Founders Edition2205,8881,5001730192 bits15 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU Max-Q806,1447801245256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU Max-Q856,1448701320256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU Max-Q906,1449301365256 bit12 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1156,1441.1101,545256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1206,1441,1551,575256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1256,1441,1851,605256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1306,1441,2301,635256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1356,1441,2601,665256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1406,1441,2751,665256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1456,1441,3201,695256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 laptop GPU1506,1441,3501,710256 bit14 Gbps
RTX 3080 Founders Edition3208,7041,4401,710320 bits19 Gbps
* OEMs can provide the GPU with an additional 5, 10 or 15 watts via Dynamic Boost 2.0, which the CPU would otherwise be entitled to. The maximum available electrical power for the 3080, 3070 and 3060 in the notebook is 165, 140 and 130 watts.

Other than the standard Max-Q and Max-P (standard laptop version), each of these models has various TGP ranges, meaning OEMs can set them to any of the specified figures, rather than the one mentioned on NVIDIA’s website. For example, the RTX 3080 Max-P can have a TGP from 115W to 150W. As you can guess, that will have a drastic effect on the resultant performance due to the varying sustained boost clock. We’re looking at a delta ranging from 20-30% between the lowest-end and top-end models.

MSI’s offerings (Source)

The reason for the varying TGPs is the difference in thermal solutions used by OEMs, but that should be listed on NVIDIA’s official site. Otherwise, you might end up buying a laptop that’s a good 20-25% slower than the marketed performance.


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